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The company will process the application according to the client's requirements and requests but will not be liable for any inaccurate information provided. The company will make every effort to obtain the correct translation within the specified time frame. However, the company cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from the Japan Automobile Federation, including refusal to issue the translation, refusal to accept the application, issuance of an incorrect translation, or delay in processing the translation. If the company is responsible for any of the aforementioned issues due to an error or omission, its liability will be strictly limited to the cost of a replacement translation or a refund of all fees paid. The company will not be responsible for any consequential loss, such as lost profits or income, or lost car rental fees.


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Disclaimer and delivery policy

Our Delivery Policy outlines how we offer the Processing Service provided on our website to you, the customer. is an independent, private translation data processing agency and is not associated in any way with the Government of Japan.
We offer the following services: translation: The translation of driving license applications (including data entry, processing, and sending to the Japan Automobile Federation)
We do not guarantee the acceptance of applications, as we only process the customer's application data. Therefore, if you are not eligible to drive, we cannot provide you with a translation.
The customer is responsible for providing valid and accurate application information. We are not liable for any rejected applications due to non-valid or incorrect information, including unclear photographs of the front and back of your driving license submitted by the customer. Once the customer has submitted their information, it cannot be changed or updated. If the hotel is changed, it is the customer's responsibility to arrange for the translation to be sent from the given hotel address to the new one. Unclear photographs of the driving license or incorrect client information will result in an extension of the delivery period, which is at the expense of the customer and not Driving-Japan's fault. In such cases, Driving-Japan is no longer obligated to meet the delivery deadline.
Once the application data is submitted, it takes about two to three weeks for delivery at the standard price and three to four weeks for home delivery. No service claims are accepted for non-delivered translations before these weeks after information is submitted by the customer.
Our services are in relation to the submission of translation applications. We are not affiliated with the Japan Automobile Federation. By purchasing our services, the customer agrees to pay a service fee according to the prices on the website and an assistance service fee, which includes the mandatory fee paid by Drivinjapan on their behalf to the Japan Automobile Federation.
The customer also provides explicit authorization for to manage their application data and apply on their behalf to the translation system according to our privacy policy.
The customer certifies that they are entitled and legally authorized to pay with the submitted credit or debit card. will charge the submitted credit card one total fee and shall not be liable for any illegal use of credit information submitted by the customer.
If you have any questions regarding our delivery policy, please contact us on whatsApp. We will respond within 72 hours during workdays.


If the Japan Automobile Federation denies the application, the service fee paid to will not be refunded. The company emphasizes that it is a private entity and not affiliated with government organizations, and thus the decision to accept the customer's translation is solely at the discretion of the Japan Automobile Federation. As stated in the Cancellation rights section, the company does not allow cancellations or provide any refunds.

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Drivinjapan offers flexibility. Please choose the delivery type that fit the most your convenience. Please contact us by chat (below on the right of you screen) if you have any question. We will be more than happy to help you.

Home Delivery

69.90 € /Translation


  • Process time : 15 - 25 working days
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59.90 €/Translation


  • Process time : 10 - 15 working days

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Hotel Delivery

59.90 €/Translation


  • Process time : 10 - 15 working days
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Official Driver Licence Translation for Japan is your partner for your trip to Japan. For 5 years, we have been assisting French, German, Swiss, Belgian, New Caledonian (and many more) tourists in obtaining a certified translation of their driver's license. For holders of driver's licenses issued in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Germany, Slovenia, or Taiwan, it is imperative to obtain a certified translation of the driver's license from the JAF (Japan Automobile Federation). More and more travelers are interested in exploring the Japanese archipelago by car. Renting a car is a great opportunity to discover Japan differently, by getting off the beaten track. Japan's railway network may be one of the best in the world. However, traveling by car provides a certain level of freedom by allowing travelers to stop wherever they want and discover unusual places "off the beaten tracks" and enjoy the magnificent landscapes offered by Japan.

We provide delivery of your driver's license translation directly to your home or hotel. Our translations are officially certified by the Japan Automobile Federation and are equally valid to your driver's license.

Translation of Driver's License for Japan

We take care of your driver's license translation process. Receive it at your doorstep within 14 days and drive legally as soon as you arrive in Japan.

Terms and required documents

Price: Starting from 59.90 € / Official translation from JAF (Japan Automobile Federation)

Timeframe: Between 2 and 3 weeks for delivery to France. Between 2 and 3 days for delivery to Japan

Color scan of both sides of your driver's license


The scan of both sides of your driver's license

The license should not be cut off on the scan

The license should be scanned in its entirety

The scan should not exceed 2 pages

The scan should be clear and of good quality

The license should be scanned alone without any other elements (pouch, cover, etc.)

Official JAF translation

We provide the official translation process for your driver's license with the JAF (mandatory in Japan). You can drive legally in Japan upon your arrival.

Quick and remote processing

Drive legally upon your arrival in Japan without visiting administrative offices. Our bilingual agents will handle everything.

Secure online payment

Multiple payment methods available on platform

Fast ordering/shipping

Receive your translation at home or in Japan at your hotel or directly with your car rental company

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Official Driver Licence Translation for Japan with one of our secure payment processor online

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Official driver's license translation process for Japan

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Send a scan of the front and back of your driver's license. Drivinjapan will take care of the process for you

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Drive legally upon your arrival in Japan by entrusting us with your driver's license translation process